Toplink travel is a local Blackburn based travel agency established for many years which primarily focuses on worldwide flights, packages and global money transfer. Through our vast network of businesses and affiliates and our experienced staff that know the market we have achieved tremendous success in the UK and worldwide.

Our aim is to be at the forefront of the travel industry and money transfer and the same time provide cheap, quality and extraordinary service. Over the next few years we hope to expand our travel sector as well Hajj and Umrah (tour operator to Saudi Arabia) and European trips to Istanbul and Andalusia. We have affiliates with all the major airlines including Emirates, Saudi Airlines, British Airways and BMI to name a few. Our marketing strategy will primarily focus on our tour operator sector and as we know this is multi million pound business.

Networking with local agents to create one network is also our aim so that we can work together to strive and become a nationally recognised company. As we know Money transfer is big business and thriving economies like china and India as well as emerging economies such as Africa and many Middle East countries is where we hope to expand within the next few years. We have established links in Dubai, Pakistan, India and Saudi Arabia to name a few and we hope to promote comprehensively in Europe over the next few years.

Imtiaz Ali